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100% U.S. Grown & Processed Hemp

  We source our hemp from Industrial Hemp farms that produce some of the richest, CBD Hemp in the USA. Our CBD is completely isolated through CO2 extraction & crystal precipitation & is of the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO hemp in the world. These Industrial Hemp Farms are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations & are large US distributors of Hemp, rich in CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN.

   CTFO is committed to having the highest quality, lowest priced products on the market. And just as importantly, we vow to always provide the fairest, most lucrative, most unique and powerful business opportunity ever created. 

   We invite you to become fully familiarized with all aspects of our amazing product line and our totally unique business because there are no Gimmicks or Gotchas here. We know, the deeper you dig, the better CTFO gets. 


Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. CBD is becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses for having a wide scope of benefits – due to clinical reports and test data showing little to no side effects and a lack of psychoactivity (typically associated with marijuana products and high THC). 


1.   More than 67% of the current CBD products on the market that have been tested do NOT contain the amount of CBD or other ingredients that their labels say they do. OURS DO! All our products are manufactured in the USA in a registered GMP facility. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and refers to a system of manufacturing practices that is regulated by the U.S. government and guarantees reproducibility of product quality to verifiable specifications. This means that the federal government has verified that you're getting what you're paying for because they have confirmed that what's on our labels is in our products.  

2.   Our CBD is made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil using only organic ingredients. 

3.  The products are manufactured in a cruelty-free facility. No animal testing or abuse is utilized. This is a big issue, especially in the skin care industry. 

4.   We use only the best, highest quality, purest organic Hemp and we don't use any high heat processing that reduces the potency or efficacy of the CBD.

5.   Our CBD Oil is a combination of both the CBD Isolate (or Extract) along with the Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp Oil. This gives us a much higher potency of CBD Oil while maintaining over 120 other cannabinoids, all of which have additional healing benefits. 

6.   There are more than 400 phytonutrients that exist in hemp plants. Our extraction technology allows us to extract all of these nutrients, without using any heat or harmful solvents. The result is a whole food with exceptional nutritional qualities, and much more efficient skin and pet care products. 

7.   With CTFO CBD products, you're getting the highest quality, purest CBD, plus over 400 other nutrients, in a naturally synergistic, easy-to-use and easy-to-absorb form. These truly are the best products on the market.


Elaine M.

I had a knee replacement 23 months ago. While waiting for surgery, I experienced severe pain in my knee. I was taking T3’s every 2 hours. After surgery I took Tramacet every 4 hours for about 4 months then gradually reduced. 

I couldn’t totally quit pain meds because my other knee needed to be replaced. I’m a nurse so I’m on my feet for 8 hours. The pain started radiating up to my hip and I was taking T3’s every 2 hours but it only dulled the pain and I was limping. 

I started taking 750mg CBD twice a day in March. I didn’t notice relief right away but eventually I was able to reduce the amount of meds I was taking. I ran out in late April and by the time I received my order, again I was limping and in extreme pain. 

Today, no pain meds, only CBD oil twice a day. When working I take only 1 T3. I go for my other knee replacement surgery at the end of June and plan to continue CBD and hope for a speedier recovery.

Debbi L.

Since July I have been using CBD  hemp oil in 500mg then 750mg yet still had pain.
Wanted to try a higher strength to see if could continue to assist with pain relief of my fibromyalgia and other conditions.
What a game-changer CTFO 1500mg CBD is!
Less pain, incredible energy!
Even my family is remarking on all I am getting done. Engaged in actual exercise  yesterday which hasn't been possible in almost a year!
Love this stuff! Never going back!
If you have strong or unrelenting pain you have got to try CBD oil!
CBD is the future now! Help yourself and others lead a better life with these potent products that WORK!

Jesica B.

Chew offs made losing my last 15 pounds a breeze and even helped me surpass my goal of 134 to an unexpected 123! Had me hooked and couldn't stop sharing my love for these berry chewables with everyone! Perfect way to fight cravings curb appetite, burn fat and maintain regularity.

Rebecca K.

Our 9 yr old daughter suffers from Juvenile spring eruption ever since she wanted to have a Mohawk. Once her ears were exposed to the sun she started to get these blisters. These photos are for demonstration only they are not her ears. I will take before and after pics next time she has a round to show how well the CBD oil works on healing this for her.
It relieves the itching and burning she experiences and helps it to heal. She gets it on both ears sometimes one worse than the other and on the lobes too.
We are so grateful to have some oil left from our last order and pray Canada can get shipments again soon.
We love our 1500 oil to treat skin issues of all kinds in our family.
Our daughter also loves how the oil helps her to get a better night sleep as she suffered from night terrors. Three drops before bedtime has helped her tremendously.
Life changing product on so many levels.
Thank you CTFO

Vickie C.

I have fibromyalgia, severe migraines, am a cancer survivor, degenerative disk disease, and have dealt with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for a long time now. 

Since using the products from CTFO, my migraines are nearly non-existent. 

My Fibromyalgia and back pain is way down. 

The Carpal Tunnel is probably the only thing that affects me the worse. 

My immune system has improved since I beat cancer.

I started with the Mocha flavored spray under the tongue. A friend bought some drops and then found out they wouldn't work for her so she gave me hers. I started using the drops and it has helped tremendously with pain.

Tiff H.

Helped With Anxiety, PTSD, Depression and Migraine Pain Relief  Ok so I have always suffered from paralyzing migraines as well as suffered from anxiety, PTSD, and severe depression.
Ever since I started taking my CBD oil I have had NO migraines at all and my moods have done a complete 180. I see myself smiling more and enjoying life buy cbd

and try for yourself

Sandra B.

 I’m so excited to share my amazing results from my CBD OIL 

I had breast cancer. In 2015 I had surgery.
I was in pain for 2 1/2 years with nerve ending pain. After 3 days on the cbd oil 750 I had no pain.pain free......

Let me tell u all this is amazing I thank my husband every day for coming up on this miracle oil    and I thank. CTFO each and everyone. 

Floyd N.

I became associated with CTFO because I was looking for a CBD oil that was stronger than what I was taking from another company. That was my first time using CBD oil and was getting some relief but their strongest CBD oil was only 300 mg.

Now back to the beginning...
I have Muscular Dystrophy. (CMT disease exactly)
It's very painful. Stabbing pains and a burning sensation in my feet and hands.
I can still walk with a cane and hope it doesn't get any worse.

The only medications I was able to take were the ones in the Lyrica class. They would help for a while then stop and switch to another one. But the pain never went completely away.
I now take 1500 mg CTFO CBD oil 2 to 3 times a day 1/2 dropper full.

I feel better than I have in a long time. Most times no pain or burning at all and when It is back, it's still much better.

The medications I was on, you can't just quit them altogether, so I'm reducing them.
I was taking 5 300 mg pills a day now I'm down to 2 pills a day.

Why would I want to stop taking the medication?. Because it never worked completely, and all of the side effects. The list is terrifying and last on the list is blindness and death.

I'm not willing to die to avoid pain.
Now I don't have to!!!
CTFO CBD oil is a God send.

Barbara B.

While pulling weeds yesterday I felt a pull and sudden pain in my right butt/ hip region. I literally could not place any weight on my right leg without tremendous pain.  I was feeling very disappointed because I knew that I needed to empty my dad's garage the next day. I had purchased the DEEP healing pain cream but had not used it. My husband suggested that I take Ibuprofen for the pain. I didn't. I used the cream last night and had NO pain today. Even after the physical work of moving, bending, lifting.

Sarah S.

Hey everyone -so here are 2 true personal stories....
PANIC - I am near the end of my vial of CBD oil and KNEW that somewhere I had another but couldn't for the life of me find it. So, I start rationing! GREAT news! Found it today - so I am ok for another 6 weeks until HOPEFULLY CANADA OPENS UP!

Mother's Day - My mom has all she needs. She is hard to buy for so we try to think of things with value that will be useful for her. So, this past Mother's Day we ordered her a 3 pack of 500MG of CBD oil - she has now been on it for close to a month. The first two weeks I wanted her to work her way up in dosage and notice for any possible changes, improvements, etc. Mom is an insulin dependent person and has terrible "essential tremors" in her hands. She also admitted she had been feeling some anxiety in her life since the loss of my dad a few years ago.

First two weeks - she took 5 drops twice a day of 500MG of oil. She noted some improved energy, better sleep, and just an overall "feeling better." She also told me she forgot a couple of times and noticed a difference in how she felt, less energy and not as rested.

Second two weeks - she took 10 drops twice a day of 500MG of oil. She definitely notices much better rest, more energy, her sugar levels have gone down (they were in range but are even better now) and SHE HAS DECREASED her insulin! Some noticeable changes in the tremors in her hands but still definitely has them. This will hopefully continue to improve or we may suggest she up her dosage later on. Anxiety has decreased, she is getting out more and sounds much more energetic!

She started on a lower dosage so her vials should last longer, hoping they keep her going until Sept when she sees her doctor again and when I HOPE we can get more oils in. 

3rd story - my daughter also uses the oil for anxiety, sleep and general well being and she has run out and MISSES it SO much! "Mom! I am having headaches, don't feel as good, don't sleep as well, GET ME OIL!" Sorry baby, waiting for it to come through again... soon!

3 generations in my family and we all notice great improvements in our lives by being on the oil!

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.